Exploring The Code Of Ethics For Accountants

As a group of professional accountants providing professional services to the public, we are bound by a certain code of ethics here at Auditox Accountancy (as all professional accountants employed […]
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making tax digital for landlords

Making Tax Digital For Landlords

Being a landlord is a rewarding role, but it is also a challenging one. Managing property rentals and keeping tenants happy is a difficult task to balance. Then, you also […]
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student accountant being interviewed

Questions to ask accountants as a student

If you are an accountancy student or someone who is thinking about studying accountancy, it can be extremely helpful to get some guidance and advice from established accountants in the […]
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Difference between event and transaction

The world of accounting can be a confusing place, which is why many businesses employ professionally qualified accountants to prepare their accounts and handle bookkeeping, as well as a host […]
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What do accountants do

What do accountants do?

The definition of an accountant is someone who "keeps, inspects, and analyses financial records". In reality, however, the job of an accountant is incredibly varied and there is a huge […]
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Accountant qualifications

Accountant qualifications

Accountancy is a stable and potentially lucrative career. Accountants form the backbone of industry and business because proper management of finances is integral in any area. There are a variety […]
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